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June 2, 2008

2008 Draft Watch

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The 2008 MLB draft is almost upon us so I figured I would throw out a few possibilities for the Cardinals to take at 13 (their highest pick in a while, if I’m not mistaken). Keep in mind, I have absolutely no insider information, these are just a few names I have seen on various mock drafts and (probably more so the case) wishful thinking on my part:

OF Aaron Hicks, California HS- Hicks is a switch-hitter who also features a mid-90′s fastball as a pitcher on his high school team, but his raw ability and 5 tool potential has him tabbed as an outfielder. The Cards do have some depth throughout the organization in the outfield, but it might be tough to pass on a guy Baseball America is comparing to Darryl Strawberry.
RHP Tim Melville, Missouri HS- the Walt Jocketty regime was not big on drafting high schoolers at any position, let alone pitcher, so it will be interesting to see how the new management approaches this draft. Mellville is a local product who, at 6’5, 210 lbs. with a fastball in the upper 90′s and a solid curve already in his arsenal, fits the mold of a prototypical power pitcher. Melville is considered the top prep pitching prospect by most, so it will be interesting to see if he is still available at 13 and, if he is, if the Cards feel the pressure to take the local high school hero.

3B Ethan Martin, Georgia HS-Ok, so I have an affinity for the young kids. Martin first popped up as a supplemental round pick for the Cards in a mock draft I readĀ last year. The profile on him was pure power from the right side of the plate with defensive skills that should be able to keep him at the hot corner in the bigs. After hitting very well i nthe various summer leagues he was viewed as a Troy Glaus-type player, which seemed to fit well sinc eGlaus probably isn’t a long-term answer at 3rd. Since his high school season began, however, he has been gaining momentum as a two-way player, showing off a mid-90′s fastball. It would be interesting to see how the Cards handle a player of his caliber in the minors and how they would value his skill set, especially in the NL where his hitting ability wouldn’t be wasted as a pitcher. Regardless, he should be gone before 39 (St. Louis’ compensatory pick) so if the Cards want to take a chance on hime either way, it would have to be with the 13th pick

Wild Card- Brett Lawrie, British Columbia HS- Lawrie has rocketed up the charts lately and will be an interesting one to keep an eye on. The man without a position has played pretty much everywhere for his high school team, some see him as a 3rd baseman, others as a 2nd bagger in the mold of Chase Utley, while other see him as a project behind the plate. All anyone knows is the kid can rake from the right side of the plate. He has been compared to other Canadian hitting machines Justin Morneau and Larry Walker, and many have said that, at this stage in his development, he is a better pureĀ hitter than Morneau was. He has been off the radar, but is picking up steam and would be another interesting project for the Cards to take on.

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