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September 19, 2010

Cardinals Playoff Chances Hanging By a Thread

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I was listening to the radio the other day and they were discussing the most disappointing teams.  The consensus pick was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim but a close second was the St. Louis Cardinals.  Most people picked them to win the division hands down and to be six games out with two weeks to play means their chances of making the post season are slim.  Even worse, they’re just six games above .500 and they have no games left against the Reds to help them make up some ground.  Although six games against the Pirates sure doesn’t hurt.

Adam Wainwright won his 19th game of the season and he’s near the top of the list of Cy Young candidates.  After the one run, eight inning outing, his ERA is down to 2.45 and his WHIP is 1.05.  Of course Roy Halladay is competing for the league lead in ERA, wins and strikeouts and he’s playing for a contender so while Wainwright is definitely in the mix, I think he finishes second to Halladay.

Albert Pujols was his usual awesome self and Matt Holliday and Colby Rasmus have been good, there have been some big holes on offense.  The combined OPS of the Cardinals’ shortstops have been a less then impressive .602.  Catcher and third base have also been tough spots in the line up.

The good news is, the Cardinals are still filling the ballpark and that means the team should have the money to make some moves in the off season.  Chris Carpenter is locked up for at least another year and Wainwright is in the mix through 2012 because my best is, his 2012 option option vests because he’ll be in the top five of the Cy Young vote.  Having those two guys and Albert to build around is definitely something to be optimistic about.

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