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Month: June 2016

Preparing for My Move

So the sale of my home was approved and I can finally prepare to move. I have been staying with my parents while I looked for a home, bought it and then prepared it for my arrival. I painted the walls, changed out the flooring and cleaned it up the way that I would like it. But now the hard part begins. I have to pack up the belongings I have at my parents and take the belongings I have in storage and move them into my new home. I don’t know about all of you, but I really dislike moving. Even though I should be used to it, constantly moving is something that you really never get used to. However, fortunately for me, this should be the last time, or at least the last time in a long time, that I have to do this, so that helps to motivate me.

Another advantage I have with this move is that my brother lives here and I know he will help me move. So at least I won’t be relying on friends to help me move my heavy boxes or furniture. At times I think that I should just hire a mover, especially since I am well off and can afford it. But other times, I realize I don’t have much going on in my life so I have plenty of time to move myself. And then I think that I can forego the movers and spend money on Cardinals memorabilia instead, and so I decided to end up moving myself.

I know many of you have moved a lot in your lives as well, so do you have any moving tips that make transporting goods or unloading and unpacking any easier? If so, I would love to here them. Wish me luck with the move and much luck with everything you all have planned this week.

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My Baseball Goals for the Year

By now, all of my readers should know that I am an avid baseball fan. I love everything about the game from the smell of the dirt to the crack of the bat hitting the ball. And this year, I have some pretty lofty baseball goals. I want to hold myself accountable with my goals, so I decided to write a post listing the most important goals so you all hold my feet to the fire. Here are some of the baseball goals I have this year.

1. Go To a Baseball Game With My Family

The most important goal I have this year is to take my entire family to a baseball game. This includes my parents, brother and sister and my two nephews. I would love to experience the game with the people who are the most important in my life.

2. Buy Season Tickets to the Cardinals

I live and breath Cardinals baseball. This year, I want to finally buy season tickets and go to as many games as I possibly can since I will now live close. This is something I have always dreamed of doing, and now I can make it a reality.

3. Participate in a Baseball Fantasy League

Aside from my family, I don’t really know too many people. As such, I want to meet other people in the area. A great way for me to do this is to participate in a baseball fantasy league. All of these people will share my love of the game and we will have something in common. Hopefully, this is a great place to start friendships with new people.

4. Give Back to the Community

The last baseball goal I have is to give back to the community. I was blessed to sell my online casino business superlenny bonus very famous for its free spins promotions to the famous American online casinos Sirjackpot which is famous for their Betamo casino bonussen 2020 and be set for life. I want to give back to others in need in my community through my love of baseball. Maybe I can volunteer with a little league team, maybe I can donate a couple of games from my season tickets to local raffles or maybe I can buy Cardinals gears for kids in need. I’m not sure quite how I will accomplish this goal, but I hope to make it a reality.

Moreover, I am also happy to announce that อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับบาคาร่าออนไลน์ได้ที่นี่ & one of the biggest online trading platform, Etoro, where my sister in law works will be donating baseball gear to children and young adults in need.

So there’s my goals. Now hold me to them!

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