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Month: August 2016

I Have Another Date

Hello readers. I am settled into my new home and I have a bit of interesting news to share. I have another date tonight. Unfortunately, my first date with the beautiful woman I told all of you about did not work out. She was nice, but we just did not match. However, I met another woman a couple weeks ago while I was playing online roulette in the UK and looking for a fantasy baseball league to join and she is amazing. I have talked to her on the phone several times and we have so much in common that it is crazy. So I finally decided that I had to ask her out and she accepted. Our date is this evening.

I have yet to decide what exactly we are going to do on this date. I was thinking maybe we could hit a sports bar and watch a ball game together, because she is sporty, but that is usually something you do with the guys and I don’t want her to think that that is how I view her, so I haven’t yet decided. I can tell I like her a lot though because I am overthinking every detail of our date and conversations and I cannot get her out of my mind.

I do have one key question to ask her tonight that could really seal the deal as to whether she is the right one for me or not though. I have not yet asked her who her favorite baseball team is. If she says the St. Louis Cardinals are, it will be a match made in heaven. I don’t know what will happen if she says someone else, but we could have a nice rivalry going. I will be sure to let you all know how tonight plays out.

For all of those who follow my blog, I want to thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot to me that you all want to hear about my life, so thank you.

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