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September 9, 2007

Knocking On The Door

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It’s been a quite some time since I wrote about the 2007 version of the Cardinals.  It’s been a busy season and time just seems to slip.  One week turns into a month into two months.  Anyway, the Cardinals prospects have improved quite a bit since then and since August 1, they’re 21-17.  Doesn’t sound all that great but it’s the fourth best record in the National League and it’s only by a year and a half.  Yeah, the Cardinals back below .500 and sure they’ve dropped two straight but they’re just two games out and a good week away from moving into first place.

It’s kind of strange because when you look at the Cardinals numbers as a team, you wouldn’t think they’d be in contention even in a mediocre division.  They’re ERA is eleventh in the National League and they’re eleventh in runs scored.  It seems like they’re only thing they’re really good at doing is not giving up homeruns and not giving up walks although this is countered a bit by being near the bottom in strikeouts.

They have gotten a little lucky though and they’ve outplayed their expected wins by six.  They’ve given up 61 more runs then they’ve scored only the Astros have a worst expected wins/loss with 61 versus the Cardinals 63.  Even the defense has been average if you look at that team page I link to.  And with no standout pitcher and only Albert Pujols as an elite hitter, it makes you wonder how the Cardinals have gotten to where they are.

Not that people shouldn’t get excited because once you’re in the playoffs, all bets are off.  Just look at last year when nobody gave the Cardinals a chance from day one yet they walked away with the World Series win.  And at least the Cardinals will make these three weeks interesting for us.

July 22, 2007

Carpenter Out As Cardinals Head Into Critical Week

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Alright, we now know we won’t be getting anything from Chris Carpenter this year.  Heck, we might not get anything from him next year as he’ll have season ending Tommy John surgery.  He had some problems in a rehab start and now it looks like he’ll be going under the knife.  In retrospect, it would have been better had he had the surgery from the outset because then he’d be ready for opening day next year.  Now we face the prospect of Carpenter missing a chunk of 2008.

The good news is, the Cardinals have stayed in the mix and they head into an important week down by seven games in the loss column (8 1/2 games overall.  First they play three against their archrival, the second place Cubs for three games and then it’s three against the Brewers.  There’s no better time to pick up ground on both teams then in these head to head matchups and how they do this coming week could determine what the Cardinals do heading into the trading deadline.

It’s nice to see Albert Pujols heating up as he’ll be the key hitter in the lineup if the Cards are going to make a run.  Few teams have a player who can put the team on his back and that’s just what Pujols can do.  He has five homeruns in his last nine games and since July 13, he’s seen his OPS go up by 70 points.

Adam Wainwright has picked up his game and he’s now won his last three starts in impressive fashion.  He’s gone seven innings in all three starts and he’s given up no more then two runs in any of the three starts.  He now leads the team with nine wins, 116 1/3 innings and a 4.18 ERA.  The problem is, it’s on a team that has the second worst ERA in the National League.  And the Cardinals 539 pitching strikeouts is worse then only the Rockies and the Nationals.

The Cardinals finish up their series against the Braves tonight on ESPN with Brad Thompson on the mound.  Then it’s that tough week with the trading deadline over a week away.

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July 11, 2007

Cardinals Down But Not Out In NL Central

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The Cardinals sit 7 1/2 games back of the first place Brewers in the NL Central as the second half kicks off tomorrow.  While the hitters have held their own, it’s the pitching that has been disappointing this year.  When your team high in ERA is only 4.66 (Adam Wainwright), something has to be wrong and if the Cardinals make a move, it has to be for another starter.  The problem is, the price may be too high for a team that has to have a solid July just to show they’ll be buyers and not sellers.

Anthony Reyes looks like he’s going to be a minor leaguer the rest of the year after losing his first ten decisions of the season.  His ERA of 6.40 doesn’t jive though because while his WHIP of 1.42 isn’t great, it also doesn’t usually tie in with such a high number of runs and all of those losses.  Regardless, Reyes will get some time in the minors to work things out.

Albert Pujols, once again, has to be the team MVP so far.  He leads the team in pretty much everything despite not hitting a homerun in almost a month.  Still, if the Cardinals are going to compete, it’ll be Albert Pujols who leads them there.

And what about Rick Ankiel.  The pitcher turned outfielder is tearing up the minors and it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw him soon.  He’s belted 26 homeruns and he sports an impressive .904 OPS for the Memphis Red Birds and he definitely makes for a great comeback story.

The Cardinals play three against the Phillies beginning Friday and there’s no better time to start a push in the division then now.   Kip Wells will take on Jamie Moyer in the opener.

June 26, 2007

Mike Maroth Solid in Cardinals Debut

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Mike Maroth, the Cardinals latest pickup for the rotation from the Tigers, threw a pretty solid game last night.  The downer was, the Cardinals still lost 2-1 in eleven innings and not only are the Cards losing ground on the Brewers, but the Cubs have now gotten hot and we’re falling further behind them.  Still, you’d hope that Tomo Okha and Mike Maroth will give the team a little bit of stabillity in the rotation.  I have more confidence in Maroth even though he was the last pitcher to lose 20 games and I feel a little better after last night.

Maroth gave up just one run on a solo homerun by Carlos Gomez in the third inning.  He gave up just one other hits and two walks in 7 1/3 innings which is pretty darned solid.  I know he was pretty much given away by the Tigers (we’ll see who the player to be named later is) because they had to make a move with some guys coming off the disabled list but this is a guy who’s been in a big league rotation since he got called up in 2002.  I think his numbers will translate well now that he’s in the National League.

Of course, the Cardinals have the problem of losing three of their last four.  In the three losses, they scored a grand total of two runs and while Albert Pujols is drawing a lot of walks, he hasn’t gone yard June 14.  Still, the month of June was his best this year and even if he doesn’t drive in another run, hit another homerun or score another run, he’ll still have monthly highs in June.  The other strange thing about Pujols is his platoon split is almost non-existant tihs year.  He’s hitting .303/.453/.485 versus left handed pitchers and .299/.379/.544 versus right handers.  So he’s hitting for a little more power against right handed pitching but he’s drawing more walks against lefties.  Still his OPS split is only a fiften point different which isn’t all that much.

Of course the other news on the bad side has been Scott Rolen.  What happened to this guy?  Four homeruns?  His numbers look similar to what he put up in his injury shortened season in 2005 the only problem is, as far as we know, he’s not hurt.  He has put together a punchless seven game hitting streak though so hopefully we’ll see him pushing up to a more respectable .280 batting average here soon.

The Cards continue their series with the Mets tonight and it’ll be Todd Wellemeyer going up against Oliver Perez.  Should be a good one and hopefully the Cards can come out on top this time around.

June 18, 2007

Cardinals Keep Up With the Pack With Series Win Over Athletics

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The bad news is, the Cardinals are going nowhere.  The good news, so is the rest of the National League Central.  The Brewers remain the only team with a winning record and while the Cardinals sit six games below .500, they’re a winning streak away from making a run at the Brewers because they’re just 5 1/2 games back.

Albert Pujols has looked like Albert Pujols in June.  He already has more homeruns (7) and RBIs (17) then in either of the two other months and his 1.154 OPS in June is about what you’d expect from the MVP.  Probably the most odd thing about Pujols is his lack of doubles.  While 13 puts him place for around 30-35 and on pace for what he had last year, I guess I miss the seasons where he had 50 doubles to go with his 40 homeruns.  Regardless, he still has to pick things up because his .943 OPS would be a career low if this is where he finished the season.

Braden Looper has hit a rough stretch here with three straight losses and three rough outings in his past four starts.  When Looper gets his next start, he’ll probably pass his career high in innings pitched.  He has 83 and his career high was 86 which he set back in 2002.  Sadly, Looper’s 4.66 ERA still leads the team, which kind of shows you the state the pitching staff.  The Cardinals 5.16 ERA is third worst in the baseball and worst in the National League.  They’re also third from last in pitcher strikeouts which also isn’t encouraging.  Regardless, Mulder and Carpenter could be back down the stretch and that could give the team a huge boost.

This weeks series is a big one because it’s against the hapless Royals.  This is the kind of series where the Cardinals should be picking up some ground and Adam Wainwright will get the start tonight and he’ll try to help the Cardinals win their third straight game.

June 4, 2007

Cardinals Keeping Pace In Central

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When is a 5-5 record in your last ten games a good thing?  When you play in the NL Central.  The Cardinals and Pirates are both 5-5 in their last ten games and that’s the best stretch for any team in the Central.  Don’t be confused by the Cards being second place in the standings though, because they’re still six games below .500.  They’ve just been the best of a poor crop of middle tier teams in the division.

Still, they won this weekend’s series and split with the Rockies earlier in the week so maybe this is something to build on.  Braden Looper bounced back from a rough start to keep the Cards in the game yesterday and Albert Pujols appears to be heating up.  After an .832 OPS in April, he put up a .916 OPS in May and he’s off to a good start in June with two homeruns yesterday.  We’ll definitely need him to contend.

Beyond the Box Score has a nice story on the trade that sent Mark Mulder to the Cards.  Of course, Dan Haren is having a nice season for the A’s and we could really need him.  I haven’t read anything about when Mulder will be back but you wonder if he’ll have an impact this year.  I’m tending to doubt it, but having another live arm might make a difference.

The Cardinals play the last place Reds beginning tomorrow.  I don’t like the matchup in tomorrow’s game but the last two are somewhat favorable so maybe the Cards can make it two straight series wins.  Then it’s back to interleague play with a tough three game series against the Angels. 


Will Carroll must have been reading my mind because today he talks about Mark Mulder’s progress.  Looks like early August, so we just have to hope the Cards are still in it by then.

May 24, 2007

Chris Duncan Heats Up As Cardinals Sweep Pirates

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The Cardinals picked up three consecutive wins against the Pirates this week and they vaulted past the Pirates and they now find themselves knocking on the door of second place.  Of course they’re still 7 1/2 games back the Brewers so there’s still work to do. 

Chris Duncan had the day off today so his streak of three straight games with a homerun is intact.  He’s still hovering just under .300, but he now leads the team with nine homeruns.  Unfortunately, with 20 RBIs, it looks like he’s doing it a lot with nobody on.  Not that he could help that but it’d be nice.  He is getting driven in because he leads the team with 27 runs.

Braden Looper improved to 6-3 with a really nice start this afternoon.  He gave up one run on three hits and two walks with two strikeouts in six innings.  Jason Isringhausen picked up save number 14 and he’s only had two outings where he’s given up runs.  It looks like that hip injury, at least for now, is a thing of the past.

Next up is three against the Nationals so a series win at a minimum is expected.  The Cubs and Astros both have to face tough NL West opponents so it’d be nice if by the end of the weekend that the Cards make up some ground.  The Brewers could help things out by losing a couple of games too.

May 21, 2007

Cardinals Continue Struggles With Sweep By Tigers

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I made the mistake of looking at the standings today because I saw that the Cardinals have the same number of wins as the Washington Nationals.  And the only thing keeping the team out of the cellar is the six team division and the Reds having two more losses then the Cards.

And the Cards lost in several different ways over the weekend.  They were blown out, they had a come back attempt fall just short and then they were held in check by a good pitcher. 

One good thing to take away from the Tiger series is that Albert Pujols seems to be coming around.  He had seven hits in the series and he now has a give game mini-hitting streak.  He also saw his OPS climb above the .800 mark again some struggles earlier in the month.

Here’s a good story on outfield prospect Joe Mather, who’s been mired in the lower ends of the minor leagues since being picked third round of the 2001 draft.  He’s having an outstanding season in his first year at Double A and he’s posting a slugging percentage right around .700 with ten homeruns.

Next up is three aganst the Pirates and it sure would be nice to kill two birds with one stone by not just getting hot, but getting it done against a division rival.  Adam Wainwright gets the start in the opener tomorrow.

May 16, 2007

Cardinals Continue to Struggle on Road Trip

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I know, I’m behind but we’ve been having some network wide problems that affected all of the Baseball Historians sites.  Things were back up this weekend but I was out of town so I apologize for the three week abscence.  My first order of business is to get caught up with the 1967 diary.  I know it loses it’s appeal when it’s not up to date but it was one of those things.

The Cardinals haven’t lost more then two games in a row since the top of the month.  The bad news is, they also haven’t won more then two in a row and they’re stuck in this win one, lose one mode.  So they still sit five games below .500 in fifth place, eight games back of the first place Brewers.  With a nice streak they could probably scoot into second, but I doubt if the Wild Card is going to come out of the Central so the Cardinals have to get on the ball soon or they’re going to be out of this by the All Star break.

Albert Pujols struggles continue to mystify.  He’s hitting just .245 and while he leads the team in RBIs, his .755 OPS is rather pedestrian compared to seasons past.  Pujols is going to have to pick it up if the Cardinals are going to make a playoff run.

Braden Looper is probably the biggest surprise.  While Adam Wainwright has struggled at times, Braden Looper leads the team in wins, ERA and innings pitched.  He’s given up more then three runs in a start just once and he’s given more then two just twice.  His career high for innings is 87 1/3 though and he’s already at 51 so we’ll see how the former closer holds up.

Tonight is the rubber game against the Dodgers and a win sure would be nice.  Kip Wells takes the mound against Randy Wolf and this one could go either way depending on which Kip Wells shows up.

April 29, 2007

Tragedy Strikes The Cardinals

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Cardinals relief pitcher Josh Hancock died in a car crash early this morning.  After stints with the Red Sox, Phillies and Reds, Hancock was a huge part of the Cardinals bullpen in last years World Series winning season.  I wish Mr. Hancock’s family my condolences in their tragic loss.

April 28, 2007

Cardinals Drop Second Straight To Cubs In Blowout Loss

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Adam Wainwright threw four shutout innings before he was blasted in the fifth inning and gave up six of the seven runs that the Cubs scored that inning.  The loss drops Wainwright to 1-2 on the season and he now has a bloated 6.14 ERA.

Albert Pujols drove in the only run for the Cardinals in the 8-1 loss with a solo homer.  Both Jim Edmonds and Adam Kennedy each finished with two hits.

Kip Wells gets the start tomorrow as the Cardinals try to avoid a sweep.  Rich Hill will be the opposition and while he’s been very good this year, he was tagged in his last start so hopefully we can keep that trend going.

On Big Inning Costs Anthony Reyes Another Loss

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Anthony Reyes is now 0-4 and while he hasn’t pitched great, he hasn’t done great either.  He’s always given up three or four runs and while he hasn’t shut down the other team, he hasn’t particularly pitched the Cardinals out of it either so the 0-4 record is a bit deceiving.

Last night was more of the same.  Reyes had one bad inning where he gave up four runs and while the Cardinals got close, they couldn’t mount a full comeback.  He gave up four hits and two walks and he struck out five in the loss.

Yadier Molina provided most of the offense with two run homer.  He went three for four while Scott Rolen singled and drove in a run in the 5-3 loss.

This afternoon, it’ll be Carlos Zambrano going up against Adam Wainwright.  Hopefully Wainwright can bounce back from that tough outing he had last time around and he shutsdown the Cubs for us.

April 26, 2007

Cardinals Come From Behind to Beat Reds In Rubber Game

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The Cardinals needed a win today to take their series with the Reds and they did just that in a nice come from behind win.  Down 4-1, the Cardinals scored runs in their final four frames to win it 7-5.

Skip Schumaker had a nice day at the plate.  He went three for five with two RBIs.  Aaron Miles, Scott Spiezio and Adam Kennedy all had two hits, one run and one RBI a piece.

Randy Keisler had rough start and he gave up four runs in 3 1/3 innings.  It’s fortunate that the pen and the hitters picked him though.  Russ Springer picked up the win and Jason Isringhausen saved with a perfect ninth.

Next up is three more against the Cubs, this time in St. Louis.  We took care of them last weekend so hopefully we get a repeat this time around.

April 25, 2007

Cardinals Score Four in the Eighth To Beat Reds

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Albert Pujols doubled home two runs in the bottom of the eighth that ended up being the difference in the Cardinals 5-2 win over the Reds.  Scott Rolen scored two runs and Chris Duncan had two hits and one run in the win.

Braden Looper gave up just one run in seven innings of work but the Cards scored their runs too late for him to get the win.  Randy Flores gave up one run in 1 1/3 innings but he picked up the win and Jason Isringhausen saved it by getting the final batter out in the ninth.

The Cardinals still sit two games below .500 so they have a ways to go.  Randy Keisler will get the start tomorrow in the rubber game and hopefully the Cardinals can take this one and win their second straight series.

Cardinals, Kip Wells Blasted By Reds

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The Cardinals just can’t seem to manage to string together some wins as they dropped the opener of the three game series with the Reds 10-3.  It’s now been close to two weeks since the Cardinals won successive games and the only thing keeping them out of the cellar is that the Cubs are playing even worse.

Last night, Kip Wells was hammered by a solid Reds offense.  He gave up eight runs on nine hits and three walks in 4 2/3 innings.  Brad Thompson joined the party and he gave up two runs near the end of the game.

Scott Spiezio finished with two hits and an RBI while Scott Rolen went two for three with a double and a run.  Not much in the way of hitting stars in this one though.

Tonight, it’ll be Braden Looper who tries to pick up the win for the Cardinals.  The hitters will have to face a tough Bronson Arroyo. I still like our chances in this one though.

April 22, 2007

Cardinals Hit Four Homeruns in Win Over Cubs

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The Cardinals took the rubber game in one of those windy games at Wrigley Field.  The win was blowing right out and the end result was a combined 21 runs and 33 hits between the two teams as the pitching went out the window.  The good news is, the Cardinals came out on top and took the series in the process.

Just about everyone was a hitting star in this one but it was Scott Rolen who topped them all. He went five for six with a triple, a homerun, three RBIs and three runs.  Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds and Chris Duncan all went yard in the game as well in the 12-9 win.  The game winner was Albert Pujols three run shot in the top of the tenth.

Adam Wainwrigh was roughed up for seven runs in just 5 1/3 innings.  Jason Isringhausen gave up two in the ninth that tied the game but he picked up the win because the Cardinals got it done in the tenth.

So the Cardinals are creeping slowly back to .500 and they sit at 8-10.  Next up is three against the Reds as the NL Central continues to beat up on each other.  Kip Wells gets the start on Tuesday and he’ll face Aaron Harang.

April 21, 2007

Anthony Reyes Hit Hard in Third Loss of the Season

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Anthony Reyes was tagged for four runs in the first two innings and six runs total in his six innings against the Cubs today.  The loss drops him to 0-3 on the season and his ERA is still well on the north side of five.

The Cardinals were shut out in the 7-0 loss and it was at the hands of Jason Marquis.  Chris Duncan was the only Cardinal with two hits in the game and the Cards stranded eleven men on base.

Adam Wainwright pitches in the rubber game and he’ll face Wade Miller.  This 7-10 stuff is pretty tough and another loss will mean the Cardinals will need an extended streak just to get back to .500.  The time to win is not guys.

April 20, 2007

Braden Looper Pitches Cardinals to Win

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The Cardinals four game winning streak came to an end today with some very effective pitching by Braden Looper.  He gave up an early run but then held the Cubs scoreless the rest of the win.  When the dust settled, he had given up only one run on five hits and two walks with five strikeouts in seven solid innings.  The win pushed him to 3-1 and the reliever to starter expirement seems to be working.  Ryan Franklin threw a scoreless eighth and Jason Isringhausen closed it out in the ninth to pick up his fourth save.

The Cardinals scored both of their runs in the 2-1 on one swing of the bat by Preston Wilson.  His two run homer was all the Cards got, but it was all they needed too.  Jim Edmonds tripled and he scored on the homerun.

Anthony Reyes will take on Jason Marquis tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully the Cards can make it two straight.

April 19, 2007

Cardinals Lose Fourth Straight Game

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Kip Wells was roughed up this afternoon and the Cardinals both games in their two game series to the Giants and their fourth straight game overall. Wells gave up five runs on six hits and two walks with four strikeouts.

Oddly, for as bad as Wells pitched, he hit the ball very well. He went two for two with a homerun and he scored both of the Cardinals runs in the 6-2 loss.

Next up are the Cubs at Wrigley. There’s no better way to end a skid then to your arch rivals. Braden Looper takes on Ted Lilly in the opener tomorrow.

Cardinals Blow Lead, Lose in Twelve

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The Cardinals took a 4-1 lead in the third inning only to see the Giants chip away and it and finally tie the game up in the eighth inning.  Then Josh Hancock gave up a run to lose it in the twelth.

Randy Keisler was mediocre in his start.  He gave up four runs (three earned) on six hits and three walks with two strikeouts in five innings of work in the 6-5 loss.  Albert Pujols hit homerun number four and he drove in two runs and David Eckstein had two hits, a run and an RBI in the loss.

The finale of the two game series is this afternoon and Kip Wells will try to continue his solid start.  The Cardinals will face a tough left hander in Noah Lowry.  It’s been three straight losses and it’s time to stop the bleeding.

April 17, 2007

Cardinals Held to Four Hits In Second Straight Loss to Pirates

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It’s only a two game series, but a sweep is a sweep as the Pirates rolled into town and took two games over the Pirates.  Today’s game was just a poor performance all the way around as the pitching was sub-par and the hitting was even worse.

In all, the Cardinals racked up just four hits.  The lone run came in the fifth inning when Gary Bennett drove home Scott Rolen on sac. fly.

And on the mound, the pitching wasn’t that much better. Adam Wainwright slipped to 1-1 and he was roughed up.  He gave up five runs on eight hits and three walks with four strikeouts in six innings of work. Brad Thompson was also tagged for a run in relief.

So the Cardinals have now slipped below .500 and they sit at 6-7, a half game back of the Pirates of all teams.  Sigh, hopefully the Cards get things going and hopefully this week because they head to San Francisco for two against a struggling Giants team.

Cardinals Held to Six Hits in Loss to Pirates

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The Cardinals dropped back to .500 with a loss to a tough young Pirates’ pitcher Ian Snell. In all, the Cardinals managed just two runs on six hits and both of the runs came late.  Jim Edmonds singled home a run in the eighth and Adam Kennedy singled one home in the seventh.  Scott Rolen finished the game with two hits and a run.

Anthony Reyes dropped to 0-2 with a so so start.  He gave up just three runs but it was over just five innings and he did it on six hits and three walks.  The pen pitched well though.  Three relievers combined for four shutout innings.

The series wraps up this afternoon.  It’s another solid battle between two young pitchers as Adam Wainwright takes on Tom Gorzelanny.

April 15, 2007

Albert Pujols Hits Two Homeruns in Win Over Brewers

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The Cardinals beat up on Ben Sheets today and Albert Pujols hopefully hit out of his slump with a two homer day as the Cards beat the Brewers 10-2.  Pujols finished with five RBIs and Chris Duncan went four for five with a homerun, two runs and an RBI.

Braden Looper picked up the win and he improved to 2-1.  He gave up two runs on five hits and two walks with three strikeouts in six innings of work.

So with the rain shortened series, the Cardinals now sit a half game back of the Reds and tied with the Brewers at 6-5.  Next up are the Pirates, who roll into town for a two game series.  Anthony Reyes gets the start and he’ll face Ian Snell in a battle of two rising star pitchers.

April 14, 2007

Cardinals Four Game Winning Streak Ends With Loss to Brewers

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Kip Wells threw a good enough game, it just wasn’t good enough today.  He gave up three runs on five hits and two walks with four strikeouts in seven innings of work.

Scott Rolen singled home Chris Duncan for the first Cardinals run and then Aaron Miles singled home Jim Edmonds for the second run in the 3-2 loss.  Braden Looper gets the start tomorrow and he’ll square off against former Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan.   Hopefully we can make his homecoming a Cardinals win.

April 11, 2007

Adam Wainwright Has Another Nice Start, Cardinals Sweep Pirates

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Adam Wainwright did his new job well again today as the Cardinals finished a three game sweep over the Pirates.  Wainwright gave up just two runs on seven hits and four walks with four strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings.  Ryan Franklin actually picked up the win because the Cards didn’t score the game winner until the ninth.

The Cardinals did most of their damage in the fifth. With the Pirates up 1-0, David Eckstein singled home Aaron Miles to tie it and then Preston Wilson singled home Eckstein to take a 2-1 lead.  The Pirates tied it in the seventh but then Chris Duncan came up huge with a solo homerun in the top of the ninth to win it.

So Taguchi had a nice day at the plate and he went three for four.  Oddly, it was Duncan who came in to pinch hit for Taguchi when he hit that big solo homerun.  Eckstein finished with two hits.

So for the first time, the Cardinals have a winning record at 5-4.  There’s a day off tomorrow as the Cardinals head back home and they’ll take on a tough Brewers team for a three game set.  Anthony Reyes has a tough task on Friday as he squares off against Ben Sheets.

Cardinals Even Up Record With Twelve Inning Win Over Pirates

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Scott Schumaker drove in Gary Bennett in the top of the twelth inning to win it for the Cardinals.  It’s the Cardinals third straight win and they’ve now evened their record up at 4-4 after that horrible first series.

Scott Spiezio drove in two runs and Aaron Miles finished the game with four hits in the 3-2 win.  Randy Keisler had a nice start in place of Chris Carpenter and he gave up just two runs on five hits and a walk with three strikeouts.  Jason Isringhausen threw a shutout ninth to pick up his third save of the season.

Of course the bad news recently is the Carpneter has hit the DL.  Hopefully this doesn’t turn into something that nags him all season but this isn’t optimistic.

The series finale is this afternoon.  Adam Wainwright gets the start and it’d be nice if he could make if four straight.

April 10, 2007

Braden Looper Throws Seven Shutout Innings in Cardinals Win

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The Cardinals appear to be getting back on track and it’s the pitching that’s doing this trick.  This time it’s Braden Looper, who threw seven shutout innings and gave up just two hits and three walks.  He picked up his first career win as a starter and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Preston Wilson doubled and drove in two runs in the 3-0 win.  The other run came in the fourth when Scott Rolen drove home Albert Pujols.  Randy Kiesler gets the start tonight and he’ll face a solid young starter in Tom Gorzellany.

April 8, 2007

Kip Wells Shuts Down Astros in Cardinals Blow Out Win

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Kip Wells held the Astros to just one hit in seven shutout innings in the Cardinals 10-1 win.  He walked one and struck out seven in his first win as a Cardinal.  It wasn’t until the ninth inning when Josh Hancock gave up a run that the Astros finally scored.

Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen were the hitting stars.  Pujols hit his first homerun, scored three and drove in two while Scott Rolen went two for five with four RBIs and a run.

Next up are the 4-2 Pirates.  It’d be nice to put them in their place and Braden Looper gets the start this afternoon in what’s the Pirates home opener.  Ian Snell will be the opposing pitcher.

April 7, 2007

Roy Oswalt Shuts Down Cardinals in Another Loss

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It just seems like the Cardinals can’t quite get on a track and today wasn’t an exception.  Roy Oswalt shut down the Cards to the tune of one run on five hits and the only run was an RBI single by Gary Bennett in the third inning.

Anthony Reyes had a decent but not great start.  He gave up three runs on five hits and a walk with three strikeouts in five innings.  He would have had to be near perfect in this one though to pick up a win.

Kip Wells gets the start tomorrow in the rubber game.  He’ll face Jason Jennings.  I know it’s early but it sure would be nice to walk away with this series.

April 6, 2007

Adam Wainwright Pitches Cardinals to First Win of the Season

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Win number one is on the board and it was Adam Wainwright who got the job done.  He not only threw a great game but he also got it done with the bat.  He gave up a single run on five hits and three walks with four strikeouts in seven innings of work.  He also had an RBI double and he later scored in the inning.

Chris Duncan also had a great game at the plate.  He went three for four with a homerun, three RBIs and a run.  Anthony Reyes will try to make it two in a row tomorrow as he gets his first start of the season.

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