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February 17, 2006

How Good is the Cardinals Bullpen

by @ 6:58 pm. Filed under 2006 Season’s latest is on the Cardinals bullpen.  Matthew Leach seems a little optimistic about the Cards pen.  I wasn’t really optimistic about the Brandon Looper signing.  He was hit hard pretty while pitching for the Mets last year, and he’s never been the big strikeout guy that you’d expect from a former closer.  And while Ricardo Rincon will make a nice left handed specialist, even he’s been shaky the last two seasons.  He was good against lefties, but he was hardly lights out.

There’s even some concern about Isringhausen.  Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA gives him a very high 64% collapse rate.  He only has an 8% breakout rate and hiss median VORP is only 8.8.  What’s also interesting is even at his 90th percentile, he doesn’t reach the 22 VORP that he’s had the last two seasons.  I’m curious to see what Will Carroll has to say about him once the Cards Team Health report comes out.

2 Responses to “How Good is the Cardinals Bullpen”

  1. Bruce Says:


    Coming to your site for the first time. I’m a Met fan in particular,
    but I started following baseball in 1966, so I’ve seen a lot of good Cardinal teams.

    And I have had, for years, what I thought was a simple question, but I don’t know the answer.

    Why were they called the Gashouse Gang? What is a Gashouse anyway?

  2. Jeff Says:

    Jeff, check out my initial post. There’s a link to a good explanation.

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