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My Search For a Home

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am planning on moving back to the St. Louis area shortly. There are a number of reasons why. First, my parents are growing older. They took care of me very well while I was a child and I would like to return the favor as they age. I would love to be around and help them and ensure they have what they need. Second, my brother and sister have both recently started their own families, meaning I have a couple of nephews. I want to be around and see them grow, instead of just looking at them in pictures. Lastly, have I mentioned what a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan I am? I want to live here so I can get season tickets and watch the games. Wouldn’t it be great to take my nephews to their first ball game or let my parents experience a baseball game while sitting right behind home plate? That’s what I hope to do with this move.

But before I can move, I have to find a home. This is going to be challenging. I have always lived in condos or apartments, but I really want a home that someday I can bring a future spouse and our children home to. I am putting together a list of all of the features that I want and then giving them to a realtor. I hope she can find me the perfect house. In the meantime, I’m scouring online listings to look at different homes in the area and see what features most appeal to me. I think this is a great way to figure out what styles I like and don’t like and give my real estate agent something to work with.

Wish me luck with the home search. And to all of my readers, good luck with whatever your plans are this week!