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February 13, 2008

Off-Season Moves

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I want to spend some time going over the moves made by the Cardinals this off-season:

The biggest player personnel move was obviously the Scott Rolen trade. This move was essentially John Mozeliak’s way of telling the rest of the GMs in the league he is for real and will be a force to be reckoned with. Everyone and his sister knew that the Cardinals wanted to trade Scott Rolen. Injury history aside, he and Tony LaRussa simply do not like each other, and had no problem taking their issues public. It is not uncommon for a player to voice his concerns to the media after being sat down, especially in a championship situation. But the fact that the normally less-than-media-friendly LaRussa shot back so publicly at Rolen this off-season sealed the third baseman’s  fate. Most GMs around the league were holding this, along with Rolen’s injury problems over the last two years, over Mozeliak’s head as he tried to move the player once considered one of the greatest third basemen in the history of the game. Instead of agreeing to pay a huge part of Rolen’s contract and giving him away to some team in return for a couple of throw-in prospects, Mozeliak held out and somehow managed to pry former World Series MVP Troy Glaus away from the Toronto Blue Jays. Glaus does not come without his own set of baggage, however. He has an even more extensive injury history than Rolen and has been linked to an HGH order in a recent report by Sports Illustrated. But the fact of the matter is the Cardinals could not get anything better in return for Rolen and, if Glaus can stay healthy this season, he immediately steps in for Rolen both at third base and in the middle of the Cardinals order and helps them compete for the NL Central Championship. Major props should go to the new man in charge for pulling off this incredible deal.

2 Responses to “Off-Season Moves”

  1. GrownWarrior1 Says:

    Hey John enjoyed reading this blog however if Glaus doesn’t pan out and runs into those same injuries you speak of for the 2008 season wouldn’t acquiring those prospects been a better move? Glaus is an injury-prone player and that was with taking HGH now he is off i can only imagine things getting worse. In the end getting rid of Rolen was a must and acquiring a World Series MVP does create a nice pulse for the team but I just believe stacking the minor leagues is a must right now, even the Yankees are finally realizing it. Anyway great blog and interested to see your response.

  2. John Mulroy Says:

    To be honest as I followed the Rolen saga I really wanted the Cards to trade him for a few good prospects and still think that would have been the best thing they could have done. However, I feel that if they could have done it they would and the reason they made the Glaus deal is that the other offers (if there were any) involved marginal to bottom-shelf prospects. I really would have liked to see them hold on to him so he could show early in the season that he was healthy and producing so they could have swung a deal for some solid prospects, but it seemed like LaRussa forced their hand by publicly calling him out. There was no way those two were going to co-exist, so just getting Rolen out of the clubhouse was half the battle, in my opinion.

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