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St Louis Cardinals Blog Posts

My Baseball Goals for the Year

By now, all of my readers should know that I am an avid baseball fan. I love everything about the game from the smell of the dirt to the crack of the bat hitting the ball. And this year, I have some pretty lofty baseball goals. I want to hold myself accountable with my goals, so I decided to write a post listing the most important goals so you all hold my feet to the fire. Here are some of the baseball goals I have this year.

1. Go To a Baseball Game With My Family

The most important goal I have this year is to take my entire family to a baseball game. This includes my parents, brother and sister and my two nephews. I would love to experience the game with the people who are the most important in my life.

2. Buy Season Tickets to the Cardinals

I live and breath Cardinals baseball. This year, I want to finally buy season tickets and go to as many games as I possibly can since I will now live close. This is something I have always dreamed of doing, and now I can make it a reality.

3. Participate in a Baseball Fantasy League

Aside from my family, I don’t really know too many people. As such, I want to meet other people in the area. A great way for me to do this is to participate in a baseball fantasy league. All of these people will share my love of the game and we will have something in common. Hopefully, this is a great place to start friendships with new people.

4. Give Back to the Community

The last baseball goal I have is to give back to the community. I was blessed to sell my online casino business superlenny bonus very famous for its free spins promotions to the famous American online casinos Sirjackpot which is famous for their Betamo casino bonussen 2020 and be set for life. I want to give back to others in need in my community through my love of baseball. Maybe I can volunteer with a little league team, maybe I can donate a couple of games from my season tickets to local raffles or maybe I can buy Cardinals gears for kids in need. I’m not sure quite how I will accomplish this goal, but I hope to make it a reality.

Moreover, I am also happy to announce that อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับบาคาร่าออนไลน์ได้ที่นี่ & one of the biggest online trading platform, Etoro, where my sister in law works will be donating baseball gear to children and young adults in need.

So there’s my goals. Now hold me to them!

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I Bought a House

Hello readers and I hope your week is going well. So I have some exciting news to share with all of you. I put an offer in on a house and it was accepted. And the home inspection was just done and there are no major problems, so everything should hopefully be done soon. It have looked at so many houses and there was a vibe or feeling that just felt off with each of them. However, when I stepped foot into this one, I just knew it was right. I can’t believe I took the plunge and actually bought a house. I have been talking about it for so long that it feels strange that it has finally come to fruition.

So let me tell you a bit about my house. My house is a four bedroom, three bath home in a family-friendly neighborhood. It is an established neighborhood so there are yards with grown trees and the homes have some character. My house is blue and has a small little porch area. I hope to enjoy my coffee while sitting on the porch area in the mornings. My house also has an amazing kitchen. I’m not much of a cook myself, but maybe one day I will meet someone who loves to cook and she can whip me up some amazing meals in the space. It is a bit overwhelming to think of all the possibilities that can happen in this new house.

And right now, my mind is also going a bit crazy with decorating ideas. Personally, I would love to decorate the home with Cardinals memorabilia and signs, but my mom reminded me not to turn this into a bachelor pad. So I’m trying to incorporate some of these pieces into the space, without making it look like a single man lives there. If any of you have any decorating ideas, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and have a great day.

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Going on a Date

I have been staying at my parents house while searching for a house and in preparation for my move. I really wanted to be settled in my own space before beginning to date, because who wants to date someone in their 40s living with their parents. But I met a beautiful woman while getting coffee and just could not pass up the opportunity to ask her out. And she was wearing a Cardinals shirt, so it was surely a sign, right?

So anyhow, I am really nervous about this date. While I have been on many dates in my lifetime, I always knew that not much would come out of the relationship. I was in towns for short periods of time before moving on to other places. I wasn’t seeking anything longterm, just a bit of companionship. But this is completely different. This time I am hoping to find forever. This could be the last first date I go on for the rest of my life. I know it is early to start thinking this way, but it just goes to show how different my mindset is now that I am beginning to put roots down and mentally prepare for the rest of my life.

I have a fun night planned for the two of us. I am taking her bowling. I figure it will be a great way to see how athletic she is, how competitive she is and ensure she likes to have fun. Plus there will be bowling to do if things get awkward and we don’t have much to talk about. Much better than sitting at a meal in awkward silence.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope I have an amazing first date with this beautiful woman.

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My Search For a Home

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am planning on moving back to the St. Louis area shortly. There are a number of reasons why. First, my parents are growing older. They took care of me very well while I was a child and I would like to return the favor as they age. I would love to be around and help them and ensure they have what they need. Second, my brother and sister have both recently started their own families, meaning I have a couple of nephews. I want to be around and see them grow, instead of just looking at them in pictures. Lastly, have I mentioned what a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan I am? I want to live here so I can get season tickets and watch the games. Wouldn’t it be great to take my nephews to their first ball game or let my parents experience a baseball game while sitting right behind home plate? That’s what I hope to do with this move.

But before I can move, I have to find a home. This is going to be challenging. I have always lived in condos or apartments, but I really want a home that someday I can bring a future spouse and our children home to. I am putting together a list of all of the features that I want and then giving them to a realtor. I hope she can find me the perfect house. In the meantime, I’m scouring online listings to look at different homes in the area and see what features most appeal to me. I think this is a great way to figure out what styles I like and don’t like and give my real estate agent something to work with.

Wish me luck with the home search. And to all of my readers, good luck with whatever your plans are this week!

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