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St Louis Cardinals Blog Posts

A little about me

Hello there and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Jerry Hopson. I am a 42-year-old baseball enthusiast, with the St. Louis Cardinals being my favorite baseball team. Now, you may be wondering why they are my favorite. Well, simply put, that’s where I originate from and still love the team. While I have lived all over the world, I am planning on moving back home shortly and putting roots down there for the rest of my life after winning the best lottery online.

So you may be wondering a little bit more about me. And since we will now go from being strangers to online acquantances, I figured I would tell you more about myself. I am currently single, but I hope to change that after I move back home and put down roots. I moved around quite a bit in my thirties, making it hard to commit to a woman for a long period of time. But now I am ready for a steady and long-term relationship. Outside of that, I don’t really work much anymore. I used to run an online casino which I sold to the famous European online casino Mr. Green. That transaction has ensured that I am financially covered for life. This allows me to do what I enjoy and make the most out of life. I do occassionally still do a bit of web work as a freelancer with online casinos, but the projects are few and far between, and only when I truly believe in what is it being done.

If you are a baseball enthusiast, interested in seeing how a 42-year-old begins to date or want to follow my move back to the St. Louis area, I invite you to follow my blog, as all of these topics will be covered. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to opening up and sharing my life with all of you.

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